Oct. 25, 2018

Is now the right time to sell?

As the seasons change, so does the real estate market. I constantly get asked by family, friends, past clients and current clients... is now the right time to sell my home?

The answer is always, "It depends."

This usually throws them off and here's why. I didn't base my response on home prices, interest rates, inventory, market trends, stats, etc.

Most people's response is what? You guessed it. "It depends on what?"

It depends on their current situation. Their goals for selling. WHY they want to sell. 

Do they need a larger home for a growing family? Are they relocating for work? Do they need to downsize? Do they need to sell for financial reasons? 

Everyone's situation is different and that's why I take the time to understand each client's goals, because it may not be the right time or it may be the perfect time to sell.

Real estate is relative. Generally, when home prices are high, interest rates are low. When prices are low, interest rates are high. When inventory increases, there is added pressure on prices to decrease, and so on.

It's supply and demand.

We often hear, "I want to sell at the top" or "I want to buy when the market hits bottom."

The problem with this mindset is we, the professionals who are in the trenches every day don't know when the bottom has hit or the market has peaked for at least 3-6 months after it's happened. 

So when our clients want to "time the market" and sell or buy at the "perfect" time, it's usually already too late.

This is why I offer a FREE, No Obligation home valuation and consultation to determine what I can sell your house for in today's market and IF it's the right time for you to sell.

If you want to take me up on this deal, click the link below and complete the form. It will take you less than 60 seconds and you'll get a quick valuation of your home. Then, if you want, we can schedule a time to chat so I can understand what your goals are. Fair?


Thank you!

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Aug. 16, 2018

Closet Storage Systems Basics

Your new home has an amazingly huge closet, but a startling lack of places to hang stuff. Sure, you could pile all your extra clothing, shoes and accessories in the corner, or move your antique dressers into the empty space, but there’s probably a better solution. Why not try a closet storage system?

Getting Started with Custom Closet Storage Solutions

If you cruise the aisles of your favorite home improvement store, you’ll eventually come to the DIY closet storage systems. Here, you’ll find a wide range of products, from basic wire shelving to wire and metal kits and laminated wood kits. The choices are sometimes overwhelming, to be quite honest.

Do you need a double rod system? Should you get one of those fancy cubby hole pieces for your shoes? Where will your winter boots go in the closet? Abort! Abort!! You have too many questions to do any buying today.

Now that you sort of know what’s available, take a step back and do some real planning. First, the budget. Can you afford a closet system? According to Fixr.com, even the cheapest closet systems run $200 to $500 when you do your own install. If you’ve hung long shelves before, this won’t necessarily be too much of a stretch of your skillset.

Considerations Before You Buy Your Closet System

You know what you like, and really, you probably know what you need, even if you’re doubting yourself right now. Start with a basic sketch of your closet, preferably on graph paper or something similar on your phone. You need to know exact dimensions, after all.

Now, ask yourself these questions:

  • How much upper rod space do I really need?
  • Do I need lower rods for jackets, shirts and the like?
  • How many shoes do I actually own?
  • Would it be handy to have drawers in my closet?
  • Is my closet big enough that an island makes sense as a way to create more useable space?
  • Where will I put my hamper(s)?
  • Is this a shared space? If so, how will it be divided?

Once you’ve figured all of that out, you can sketch your closet out. This is just for the storage system, for this blog we’re going to ignore any lighting or electrical issues that could be applicable. Remember that if the space you have is 2 foot 3 inches wide, a cabinet that’s 2 foot 5 inches wide won’t fit. You can’t just smash these things and there’s no room to shave a little bit off, they either fit or they don’t — plan carefully.

What’s the Right Height for My Closet Rods?

Remodelers the world over have asked this question again and again. Technically, you can hang those rods anywhere you please. That goes double for an odd-shaped closet like those that often go with upstairs bedrooms or converted attics. However, according to the Family Handyman, this is where you should place rods for best results:

Double hung rods. The bottom should be at waist height, about 42 inches above the floor. The upper should be around 84 inches, so that each level has the same amount of vertical hanging space for shirts, jackets and other shorter items.

Long hang rods. For your dusters, your long dresses, your overalls — anything that’s long enough that it’s going to reach close to the floor when you’re wearing it goes on this rod. Because of the length of the items on it, it should be set about 70 inches off the floor.

Medium hang rods. Items that are roughly knee-length may fit better in your closet on their own rod. Hang them 60 inches off the floor and free up space on your long hang rod.

Pants rods. Do you wear pants? If so, you may need some of these rods in your closet. Set them at 54 inches off the floor.

Also, when installing these systems on your own, remember that closet rods need support at least every three feet, otherwise you risk bowing or collapse. However, adding one every two feet creates a much more secure setup if you have a lot of clothing.

Not Ready to DIY Your Closet?

No worries. Just take a walk through the HomeKeepr community. You’ll find closet storage system suppliers, installers and general contractors — all people who can help you turn that closet of your dreams into a reality. And, hey, your Realtor thinks they’re pretty great, so you know that the people you’re letting work in your home are trustworthy. Your project is already off to a great start!


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July 11, 2018

Summer in Sacramento

Summer has arrived in full force in the Greater Sacramento area!  Thoughts of vacation, day trips and finding fun and interesting things to keep the kids busy for a few hours instead of sitting in front of a screen.  Whether you are new to the Sacramento area or have lived here your whole life, you will be amazed at what you can do in and around the city.  From concerts in the park, museums, festivals, hiking and wine tasting, there is sure to be something for you and your family to enjoy.

For those evenings during the week that have you feeling the beat, Sacramento has several concerts in the park of which you can bring the whole family, food and drink to enjoy local bands.  The Folsom concert series begins June 1st and continues through July 27th on Friday evenings from 7:00pm-9:00pm at Folsom City Lions Park.  Pack a picnic and some cool beverages along with your blankets and get ready to enjoy an evening of music while the kiddos run and play out on the lawn.  Guaranteed to exhaust them for an early bedtime.  New this year, food trucks, if you would like to haul in a lighter load and enjoy delicious eats.   Other concert series locations include The Fountains in Roseville from June to August on Saturday evenings and The Palladio in Folsom on Wednesday evenings from 7:00pm-9:00pm.

Sacramento has so much to offer in the arts beyond concerts.  Take the kids or a weekend date to the Crocker Art Museum located in downtown Sacramento.  The museum is an amazing space for children to expand their minds with the Tot Land Exhibit.  Kids can explore a boat and dive into their imagination to transform themselves from human to animal characters.

For the more mature audience, don’t miss Nature’s Gifts which showcases early California paintings from the Wendy Willrich Collection or the 21 and over ArtMix event on Thursday July 12th.  ArtMix features sounds south of the border such as cumbia, cha-cha and latin rock beats by DJ Novela.

Being in the Sacramento Valley, residents are lucky to be surrounded by the best farm to fork cuisine.  One delicious way to experience your inner foodie is to participate in the Taste of East Sacramento, July 14th from 6:00pm-8:00pm.  Sacramento’s finest culinary talent will be on display from Kru to Sellands where your taste buds will satiated with food and wine from the region.

Not only is Sacramento the home to the farm to fork movement, we are also lucky to be surrounded by wine.  Literally surrounded by wine from Napa and Sonoma to the West, Lodi and Clarksburg to the South, Amador and Calaveras County to the East and Placer County Wine Trail to the North, you are sure to find that perfect glass.  If you are looking for a day trip, head to the Old Sugar Mill which features 15 wineries in one spot.  It is quite literally a wine mall under one roof which offers musical guests on the weekends and food trucks to accompany the bottle of Rose you just purchased.  Of course you will want to reserve a car service or Uber so you can sufficiently experience the Mill.

For the weekend getaway I suggest heading towards Murphys which features cozy cottages that are all within walking distance of Main Street where you will find the streets lined with wine rooms and tasty eateries.  While visiting, catch a concert at Ironstone Vineyard.  Headliners include a wide range from Willy Nelson and Alison Krauss, The Commodores to Foreigner.

After your fun filled night with Willy and Alison, take a short cruise to the Calaveras Big Trees State park for a hike in the gorgeous redwoods.  Be sure to stop at the Red Apple on your way to pick up some delicious snacks for your hike.  I highly recommend the apple donut.  It will change your world.

I have just skimmed the top of what awaits you and your family for fun things to do in and around the Sacramento area.  One of the best qualities of Sacramento is the location so close to the city, mountains, ocean and wine country.  People come from all around the world to visit these locations and for us, we just need to step outside, take a few moments to figure out which adventure we would like to have and go!

For more information on these fabulous events, please see the links below.  Oh, and if you know of anyone looking to move into our neck of the woods, I’m never too busy for referrals.

by Rachel MacLachlan


Folsom City Lions Park Concert Series - https://www.folsom.ca.us/city_hall/depts/parks/events/events/concerts.asp

The Fountains Concert Series - http://www.fountainsatroseville.com/play/

The Palladio Concert Series - http://gopalladio.com/events/

Crocker Art Museum - https://www.crockerart.org/calendar/7/18

Taste of East Sacramento - https://www.sacramento365.com/event/taste-east-sacramento-2/

The Old Sugar Mill - http://oldsugarmill.com/

Visit Murphys - https://visitmurphys.com/

Ironstone Vineyard - https://www.ironstonevineyards.com/

The Red Apple - http://www.theredapplebunch.com/The_Red_Apple/Welcome.html

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July 2, 2018

Why so many people are relocating to Sacramento

For many people, Sacramento has been a place to call home and for those of us that have had the pleasure to call Sacramento home, we know what it has to offer and why we love to live here. In the last couple of years there has been a growing trend of people relocating to the greater Sacramento area. Each surrounding area, Sacramento County, Placer County and El Dorado County have their attractive qualities.

You might wonder where are people coming from, why are they leaving the area they currently reside in, and what are they searching for?

The Bay Area, San Francisco and Silicon Valley are just a few of the areas people are fleeing from. Why are they choosing Sacramento? The #1 reason, HOME PRICES! It’s no secret the areas I just mentioned have some record breaking, out of this world, skyrocketing home prices. It’s hard to think how so many people can afford the luxury of homeownership in these cities, but the reality is, a lot of people can’t or don’t want to.

Even with many six to seven figure jobs, it’s becoming even more difficult for families to invest in their future of purchasing a home. The National Association of Realtors reports that the average median priced home in the Silicon Valley is OVER one million dollars. In San Fransisco, the average median priced home is around $1,334,800 and has gone up around 10% in the past year with no sight of slowing down.

Now, we know the real estate market is booming all over, but the greater Sacramento area is still a much more affordable place to buy a home. Sacramento County’s average priced home is around $355,000. Placer County’s sit at around $484,500 and El Dorado County falls at bit higher at and average of $539,000. That is a SIGNIFICANT difference in affordability.

It makes sense as to why so many people are relocating to these surrounding areas, especially when the tech industry is so prominent in the Bay Area and Silicon Valley. Luckily, many in this industry have the ability to work remotely and/or from home, and even with a potential commute many have found it worth the drive to be able to live much more financially comfortable life.

The Sacramento area is also growing due to large tech companies making the move and relocating to the area, as well as adding new facilities.

Highlands Power, a company that manufactures electric motors, announced recently that they will be moving from the Bay Area to Sacramento. Amazon has added a new distribution and warehouse facility as well. Intel, Hewlett Packard, Apple and Aerojet are just an example of a few other companies who have major presence here.

With Sacramento being 1 ½ hours from the bay area, 1 ½ hours from Napa Valley and about 2 hours from Tahoe, we are in a great central location. With a growing community there is so much to offer and many ways to benefit by living here! The greater Sacramento, tri-county area has the perfect community for you. Are you ready?

Give me a call today and let’s start the search for your Dream Home!


by Shelby Block

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June 6, 2018

The Price is Wrong, B*tch!

"The price is wrong, b*tch" was famously coined by none other than Happy Gilmore. As a seller, its great advice when hiring a Real Estate agent. The most important thing you want to know is how much you can sell your house for.  At the end of the day, you want to profit as much as possible in the least amount of time right? Maybe you are going to purchase a larger home or downsize and keep some money in the bank. People decide to sell for many different reasons but most of the time the end goal is to net the most amount of money possible.



There are many real estate agents in the market and finding the right agent to sell your house can seem like a challenge. When interviewing more than one agent, there may be slight discrepancies on what each agent would list your home for and even their strategies on how to get you TOP DOLLAR may differ! One of the biggest mistakes sellers make is hiring an agent because they suggest a high list price, when in fact it’s way above market value and will be extremely difficult to obtain. What do I mean by that? An agent can tell you that your home is worth $50,000 more than other agents have proposed, or maybe agrees to the price you want to list it for, but that doesn’t mean they should be the one you trust to get the job done based on that one criteria.


Pricing your home correctly is the #1 thing that is crucial if you want to secure the most profit in the least amount of time, especially in this market. Fancy photos, videos, or Facebook posts won’t do you any good if you have an overpriced listing. The first 7-14 days (depending on what type of market you are in) are the most important, and will be the most telling after a home hits the market. For an average priced home, you will know within the first week if you are in the ballpark. If little to no showings are being scheduled, and your first weekend open house is like a ghost town, you know you are DEFINITELY overpriced. If within that first week you have had quite a few showings and your open house had a good turn out, but you haven’t received any offers, you may be close but may be able to buy some time before needing a slight adjustment. Within those first 7 days if you have one or more offers in hand and are now in a multiple offer situation, you know you were priced just right! That is the ULTIMATE goal as a seller, having multiple people come to you that want YOUR property and now you have the upper hand to see who wants it the most! Especially if you are in a hot sellers market like we are currently! If the market isn’t as fast paced, that 14 day time frame is how you can judge pricing strategy. After sitting on the market for multiple weeks with no activity is what we agents call a “stale listing”. It has been sitting to long and running out of shelf life, fast.


Doing multiple small price adjustments doesn’t help your case, because by now the buyers and their agents are running out to see all of the other homes that are new on the market, and who have priced their listings correctly (the first time) and have forgotten all about yours.


Don’t make the mistake of thinking multiple small price reductions look like a “good deal”. Buyers look at that and mostly assume something is wrong with the house or the seller is unrealistic and they don’t want to deal with whatever pre-assumed issues they have made up in their head about your property already! So at this point, if you tried to shoot for the stars and overprice your home, you’ll most likely end up in a situation where you are now discounting your home and waiting for a someone to come along that will probably throw a “low-ball” offer at you, because they assume you are desperate to sell after dropping the price multiple times!


Don’t be that seller! Avoid hiring an agent that will lead you down that path just because they want to impress you, and make you think they will get you more then the next agent. Being realistic and strategic is the way to go. Having an agent who knows and understands the market and can accurately price your home is important. They will be on your side, fighting for you, have your best interest at heart and know how to strategically get you TOP DOLLAR.


Remember, that is the #1 goal!


By: Shelby Block 916.718.3567

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May 24, 2018

Real Estate Market Update

Sacramento & Placer County 15-Year Trends

This was a market update report I recorded for our team. After everyone had a chance to watch it, the consensus was that we needed to share this with all of you ASAP. If you have any questions, please give us a call. 916.960.4700 or email us at info@prosperityregroup.com.

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